365daysofthrift Review

When looking for a blog to review, I came across a thrifting blog gem from “365daysofthrift”, where she takes you through her thrifting experiences and what she has learned. This appealed to me right off the bat since im also doing a thrifting type blog as well as her and she explains into mass detail about great thrift store chains like goodwill. At first glance you can tell whoever is running this blog really cares about what information and pictures she puts on her blog, very high quality and organized blog.

Another reason why I decided to review this blog is, right when you first come to her blog the first post is “The 365 day challenge: Why I Thrift” posted in 2015. This shows me that she has been doing this for a long time and knows what she’s talking about, this was a smart move on her part to have one of her first post on her blog as the first actual post you see, shows her experience. When reading her blog post, I agree with a lot of what she says, coming to the realization that Walmart isn’t as cheap as you think and her personal decision to switch into a thrift mentality was something I did as well.



The format of this blog is very organized with many different sections such as media and videos, even her personal shop on the site. I really like the fact she has her own sales going through wordpress, since for her sales and blogging go hand and hand. The time you can tell she puts into this blog is very encouraging, this is your one stop spot for many pictures, links, and mass information including everything to do with thrifting.


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