Business Side Of Thrifting

Coming home with a big bags of clothing is a great feeling, but of course not everything is for you when you’re in the resell business. There are many sites and outlets to sell your thrifted clothing directly to the vintage community, such as grailed, offerup, ebay, etc. Obviously you don’t want to store all these extra clothes forever so learning what audience is on each site is a big step to faster sales. Typically, on sites such as grailed and offerup can post your everyday items that you’ll make the $5+ profit, but for expensive rare items, ebay is the best outlet for sales since people know exactly what they’re looking for and if you have it, it will sell quick. In the picture included is an example of this, these pair of custom Polo Ralph Lauren was posted by me on ebay for $400 and sold within two weeks.


Getting your thrifted items into a buyers hands and selling your items as quick as possible is the main goal in this business. Learning the prices that people will pay for specific items is a trial and error process that can lead to you selling things too low or too high, to avoid this doing research on the item you have is very important. This process can be difficult sometimes depending on how rare of an item you have but in most cases you can hit google with the information you have from the item and usually find a past selling price, this gives you a form of reference. In the cases where you cant find anything on the item pricing is up to the owner, a great rule of thumb is what would you pay for it?

If you’re good to your customers, your customers will be good to you, consistency and building a client base moves your inventory faster than anything. Building a client base can be done on any of the sites I listed above since you have a personal connection with the person trying to purchase your item, if they are willing to buy one thing from you, they will be willing to buy more. Many vintage sellers use Instagram to take the next step of connection you’re your customers. Maintaining a fast shipping pace and keeping your customers happy will take you far in this business.


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