Quality Check

When going through rack after rack and you finally pull out what you consider to be a gem it is very easy to get overly excited and buy before you check the condition or the authenticity of the item. No one likes coming home with a big bag of clothing and pulling out half and realizing they have stains, now it is important to thorough with inspecting especially since some stains are easily removable. In some cases, a little bit of stain remover and a quick cycle in the washing machine will do the trick, but in other cases where the stain is really on there it becomes very hard to sell or even get rid of that item for a steal. Photo below shows the difference in an authentic Tommy Hilfiger Jacket and unauthentic Tommy Hilfiger jacket.

Like we have talked before on this blog, your local thrift shop can be holding many luxurious and designer items, one thing that you must remember though is, there is a lot of knock-offs out there. Usually when you find a higher end item they are a little more taxed on in the first place (authentic or not), spending too much on a unauthentic item can completely blow your margins for the day and not allow you to make the money you worked for. The only way to get better at spotting unauthentic items is learning more about the items you are buying, also having one for yourself at home, same brand, etc, is a huge point of reference that you can use.

Be good to your customers and your customers will be good to you, no one specifically wants to buy a unauthentic item and if you sell them that unauthentic item, you lost their business for good. Along with the stains we were talking about earlier, small, tiny holes need to be known in the descriptions or pictures of your items, basically avoiding all unpleasant surprises that come to your customer. The way I see it, I wouldn’t want to be bamboozled into buying an unauthentic item or an item with holes and stains when it was advertised differently, so I would not do that to my customers.


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