Business Backstory

About 10 years ago, I faintly remember my father telling me about an article he read about how people were making a killing finding shoes such as Jordan’s in their local thrift shop, so naturally a father son moment was seen and he took me to a few of our local thrift shops. Of course we were very naive for what we were looking for in general but that didn’t stop us from having a good time, little did I know years down the line i’d basically be doing the same exact thing and making money from it.

Since thrift stores were always implanted early in my mind as a type of treasure hunt, it stuck with me through the years. Through high school my buddies and i would go just to look around and try and find stuff, but it wasn’t until i moved to austin Texas my freshman year of college that i put two and two together and started taking it seriously. Austin allowed me to be in a big city with lots of thrift stores and gave me the opportunity to start this business by one day finding a pair of Tommy Hilfiger Overalls that was too big for me but i knew that it was worth $100+ priced under $10. IMG_1093

Never at the beginning of this journey did I think i would still be doing it four years later but the business has only expanded more and more. With that being said not only in the sense of income but in the sense of knowledge of the field, places and things that I’ve seen while doing this “job” is unlike anything else.